AUDIT-VID provides client services on a contractual basis. Fees and other details will be individually discussed with each client on a case-to-case basis.



Information and consulting services (provided verbally, 30 minutes)

UAH 180 (down payment UAH 50)

Information and consulting services (per month)

from UAH 3,000

Information and consulting services or audit (One person per day)

UAH 900

Privatization-related operational audit (with issuance of an audit report)

from UAH 1,200

Financial audit

from UAH 3,500

Tax audit

from UAH 5,500

Preparing and filing a claim with a commercial court

5% of the value of the claim, but not less than UAH 2,400

Reconstruction of financial accounts (One person per day)

UAH 950

Maintenance of accounting records (per month)

from UAH 2,500

Tax return filing (One person per day)

UAH 1,000



Scope of audit related to the client’s business

Minimum time spent (in man-hours)

Up to UAH 5 million        


From UAH 5 million up to UAH 10 million


From UAH 10 million up to UAH 50 million


From UAH 50 million up to UAH 100 million


From UAH 100 million up to UAH 500 million


From UAH 500 million up to UAH 1.000 million


From UAH 1.000 million



Audit-Vid, firm of auditors based in Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Provider of all types of audit, accounting, and legal services
Our Telephone Numbers: +38(067)614-05-18, +38(061)220-08-40, +38(061)220-99-93
Our Address: city of Zaporozhye (Ukraine), Sobornyi Prospekt, Building 161, Office 10